The Fear of Losing Things You Earn

May 04 2013

When you’re making decent money, don’t let money infuse you the fear of losing money. For now you have so much more to lose. But you didn’t realize you might not deserve that much money at the first place.

People often times undermine the market condition and pure luck, and highly correlate the money they earn to how good they are.

After all you can’t really compare how good a teacher is to how good a software engineer is.

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  1. I think so. Some are entitled to several so-called “luck factors” for which they can claim no credit. Almost every Harvard student would tell you that they have a good education because they’re talented and have worked hard. However is it a coincidence that around 75% of Harvard’s students are first in birth order (in their respective families)? There are really arbitrary factors (biological for example, in the case of birth order) that define one’s work ethics, talent and many others. So the conclusion is: too rich, too proud, totally nonsense.

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