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Oct 27 2008

I decided to start a new blog at last. Shamely I can’t remember how many blogs I have been using before this, but neither of them I wrote much often.

I don’t exactly know what would be the main reason that I start blogging again. Is it because

Seeing a lot of people noting their feelings down as a public diary?

Wanting to have real experience with wordpress, which I probably have to spend quite some time soon due to CCA.

Trying to improve writing?

Advertise myself? (I hope not)

A place to see how far I have gone?

Or because I managed to register for a domain at 2USD / year hahaha ?

Opening a blog at this time looks like a bad idea, so many stuffs I have to handle, project deadlines, research projects, CCA, and friends; and most of them due on the same day also. But who cares, I put my faith in you, dear new BLOG.

p/s: Just think of another reason. I hope it is a funny one since I’m not a good joke teller: I blog because I feel rockzzzzzzzzz~

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  1. Haha, it’s funny. You feel rockzzzzzzzzzzz~ :))

  2. Whatever reason, make a nice one out of it so long that you’ve kicked a start :)
    Gonna be memorable someday when you look back…

  3. Hi, just randomly run into your blog. Is the domain youre using really 2bucks/yr? which site can I find it? cause im looking for a cheap domain as well. Glad to hear from you soon,

  4. Hi,

    It’s sort of a promotion from Godaddy, years ago. Probably you can’t find it now.

    But .info domains only cost you around 2-3USD / year.

  5. tks a lot

  6. Very interesting, thanks

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