VNJ gathering and NOC sessions

Jul 14 2009

Last Friday, I came to attend the NOC meeting with D with the sole purpose of seeing her, I was quite surprised when I met her. She doesn’t look like what I’ve always imagined. Over the email communication with her during the last couple of months, I thought she would be very cold, disciplinary and strict. She is so not so so in person.

Around 30s, tall and a bit skinny. Active, speak English fluently with only a little bit of Singlish accent. Probably 4 years in Stockholm have changed her accents. Nice, friendly and very open. She gave every NCST student the opposite impression that we’ve assumed on her before.

I came to the VietnamJUMP’s July babes gathering on Saturday. Aaron was very nice to pick me up at Clementi after don’t know how many times changing the time. And again, he had a hard time finding the way there.

I don’t really like the place at all. It doesn’t look like a resort. The rooms are squeezy, there are clusters of rooms, rooms are just next to each other. The room is gloomy, and until now I have no idea how to open the stupid door wing.

Nevertheless, the party was great (but not the food). Everyone doesn’t look all different from the trip. YY gained a little bit of weights p: (I didn’t tell her haha). Kalene does look the same, and talks the same as well (oh hoho). Jaya came late and leave early (wth!) – he has always been at this self-disciplinary level (:

I spent 1 night at the gathering, the next morning I came to NUS Extension at Park Mall for the NOC Alumni session. It was really good, and fun.

S is NCST6 alumni. He is Jack’s senior (they work for the same company). He first came and introduce himself to me.  I felt a bit weird at first. But that feeling was soon cleared after a few minutes talking to him. He gave me a very good impression, total different from those Singaporean and NOC students I’ve met before. Humble, speak slowly and gently. He has the kind of gesture that I’m trying to build for myself.

[hidepost]I like Jaya’s gift to YY where he prints the nice photos of her out and start commenting and doodling on the backs of the photos. I also remember the poem, lame poem lol:
Roses are red
Violet are green
Calculus is fun
Even YY can do it.

I also like Aaron’s birthday present to Kate. He bought a white t-shirt in VN and ask us to write wishes for her on its back. I don’t know what kind of pen he was using, I wanted to do the same in the future.

Aaron’s game:
– 2: for you    – 3: for me
– 4: for whores    – 5: slap
– 6: for dicks    – 7: thumbmasters
– 8: I’ve never    – 9: rthyme
– 10: category    – J: jack rules
– Q: question master    – K: Kings
– A: waterfall

I also like the pitching game that NOC alumni organized for us.


p.s: Don’t go watch Transformers 2, no good no good.

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  1. i’ve just found out your personal website. You, I think, consider this website as sort of diary or event cum emotional record. hihi. it’s interesting to know about your life this way. And once again, you are so talented and lucky to join NOC. I am refering to suitability :D Keep writing :D if you have time. And I will keep visiting your website :)

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