Jun 01 2009

(or how I said it in Vietnamese, funnily, Việt Nam dza^m)

That was an unforgettable trip. 2 weeks, 35 people. Quang Nam province. We live, we sleep, we work together.

Everything is far from the usual and comfortable lifestyle that we have everyday. We gotta wash our own clothes. The water is not that clean. Sometimes it ran out of water while you’re showering. You have to queue for bath (girls), or showering under the sky (guys).
You have to walk with sands in your slippers. Mosquitoes are just everywhere.

We taught English to Grade2,3,4 pupils in a primary school. The kids are as sweet as angels, making my heart so moved. They’re just so eager when we came only at the second day.

One thing I came to realize after the trip is that the characteristics of non-V are much more apparent than V. Their habits and lifestyles are more standing-out to others. Like Dyvia and Letch with 30 minutes meditation every morning. Or Jia Loon with the (kind of) weird habit of eating, and sticking with his laptop while everybody is hanging out and playing. Xiaojun very straight-forward person, speaking out what she doesn’t like, etc.
The more I think about it, the more true it is. When you write to someone, you tend to pick some unique things about him/her to fill the conversation. and I found myself easier to spot that of non-V than V, in general.

At this age in time, everybody is complicated. No matter how simple their faces and actions show, you’ll never gonna know what’s inside their minds at any point in time. Sometimes they look good, they act good, doesn’t mean they’re internally good. This has partially killed me once, leading me to the stupidest decision ever in my life. If only I could have learnt this lesson 6 months ago.

Sometime I felt angry/uncomfortable with people being careless about common hygiene around, then I remember Jayanta saying “It’s all about initiative..”. He really made a good point, somehow made me feel relieve with my thought.

We formed “Dep Chieu” group, with 4 members Binh, Lan, Ngoc and me. I didn’t know they used to have negative thoughts about me before the trip. Once I know it, it’s all about miscommunication and misperspective, I didn’t do any bad at all (phew!).
I miss Dep Chieu Quang Ngai with his cute and fun-laughing body, can’t stop laughing by just looking at him.
I miss Dep Chieu 38 with “Úp mặt vào mông King Kong” phrase, which transformed into thousands of versions.
I miss Dep Chieu 40 with the stupid pig conversation with me, always end up with a hifi, or “mày về ở với dế đi” that kind of sentence.
Don’t know when our group will reunite again. I’m gonna hug all of them and sing our group song together. sigh..

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog about your camptrip/journey in Vietnam. I find it really interesting. I’ve always wanted to travel and to experience the whole country experience (que^ ?) But most of all, it sounds like you had fun teaching kids and interacting with different people. (:

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