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Oct 24 2009

Monday 19.10.2009

Yet another the day at work, i dont know why i couldn’t really focus on the work in the afternoon. I kept distracting myself from other stuffs.

One day all children arrived today. Probably take me around 1 week to finish the book. must keep moving, cant let loose. must try to apply GTD to get them done. Must push yourself, can’t keep relaxing anymore.

Tuesday 20.10.2009

Làm xong dc 1 cái demo rồi, phew mừng quá, hic cái API gì mà khó xài dễ sợ (hay tại mình ngu?)

Đi xem 1 trận ice hockey, ôi mẹ ơi hay chưa từng thấy, trước giờ cứ tưởng ice hockey chán lắm, ai dè nó hay vậy, hoàn toàn bị cuốn vô trận đấu. thật xứng đáng với đồng tiền bỏ ra (cũng ko mắc lắm haha). ngồi trên khán đài mà mơ 1 ngày mình trượt băng giỏi như mấy thằng cầu thủ ở dưới…

Wednesday 21.10.2009

already mentioned in entry “Stockholm” below.

Thursday 22.10.2009

Hôm nay sếp đổi cho cái gfx card, từ quadro 3700 sang geforce 8800. Nhìn nó cũng cool, tiếc là mình ko có chơi game nên cũng chả dc lợi gì.

Just realize im a nighty person, i work more efficient at night. i look forward to this coming winter, when there’s less light. let see how i can work effectively.

Friday 23.10.2009

spent almost the whole day trying to install the stupid shuttle computer, running into one problem to another, no Firewire port, boss then gave a firewire peripheral card but it’s PCI. Boss then had to go and buy a PCI-E firewire card. Then the firewire port doesn’t seem to work properly with the haptics device. Tried installing, uninstalling, restarting a few times until I realized where the problem is. Leaving office with the computer unfixed.

Take Arter out for dinner together with thet and cheehong, just realize my sense of direction sucks. after restless effort to find the vegetarian restaurant suggested by a friend, we ended up heading to Vietnamese restaurant in Odenplan, haizzz.

then went for a party at Stockholm University. It’s Oktober fest so there was some band playing Germany music which I don’t understand. Then the party started somehow but I also found the music suck. It gets better a little bit afterwards, but i decided to go back because arter needed to rest for his 6am flight the next day.

Captured this from Arter and one other guy

Arter: If you come to Poland, you can crash into my place. You just need to tell me in advance, then I’ll give you my bed and I’ll come and sleep with my girlfriend.
M: FWAH, can I sleep with your girlfriend instead?
Arter: ???
M: Mathematically it’s the same.

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  1. The last story is nice. His name is Artur, not Arter by the way.

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