TEDxMalaren – A Success

Jun 17 2010

So it’s over. We made it. TEDxMalaren has really been a success, a success that I wouldn’t have imagined.

  • 60 audience.
  • 75 received applications (we even received 1 after the event ended)
  • 480 live streaming audience.
  • 400 gmail threads. 4000 emails sent among team members.
  • Countless emails sent to sponsors, speakers, partners, publicity emails. Countless hours spent to correct every single details of the program, the template, the pdfs file, the sponsor kit, the speaker kit, etc.

I enjoyed every single second of it. Of course there were times I felt extremely low, stressed and busy.

Of course there are problems along the way. Lots of them. But I enjoyed facing these problems. It’s boring without problems, isn’t it?

For the first time in my life I become an MC of such a big program. I spent 2 days to prepare the MC script to end up not using most of them and speak from my own thoughts. That leads to a lot of “erm” “uhm”. I felt like I didn’t do that good as I thought I would. But I know that everyone enjoyed the commentary and the jokes I tried to come up with.

Some of the quotes that I could remember during the events:

If you are looking for sympathy, it’s in the dictionary – Bhavik Gandhi

We are all given a gold coin everyday. You are free to do whatever you want but it’s non-refundable. How would you want to spend your gold coin today? – Chrissy Phoong

This one is a complement by one of our BoA members:
I’ve never met so professional students in my life and I’ve been in the marketing profession for 10 years. You guys are amazing. Wow! – Richard Gatarski

I have only 1 little hope: our speakers would be invited to speak at TED.

And the thought has been bothering me throughout the last 4 months: how to bring TEDx to Vietnam?

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