VNJ gathering and NOC sessions

Jul 14 2009 Published by under Life

Last Friday, I came to attend the NOC meeting with D with the sole purpose of seeing her, I was quite surprised when I met her. She doesn’t look like what I’ve always imagined. Over the email communication with her during the last couple of months, I thought she would be very cold, disciplinary and strict. She is so not so so in person.

Around 30s, tall and a bit skinny. Active, speak English fluently with only a little bit of Singlish accent. Probably 4 years in Stockholm have changed her accents. Nice, friendly and very open. She gave every NCST student the opposite impression that we’ve assumed on her before. Continue Reading »

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Jun 01 2009 Published by under Life

(or how I said it in Vietnamese, funnily, Việt Nam dza^m)

That was an unforgettable trip. 2 weeks, 35 people. Quang Nam province. We live, we sleep, we work together.

Everything is far from the usual and comfortable lifestyle that we have everyday. We gotta wash our own clothes. The water is not that clean. Sometimes it ran out of water while you’re showering. You have to queue for bath (girls), or showering under the sky (guys).
You have to walk with sands in your slippers. Mosquitoes are just everywhere.

We taught English to Grade2,3,4 pupils in a primary school. The kids are as sweet as angels, making my heart so moved. They’re just so eager when we came only at the second day. Continue Reading »

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