McChicken or Cheeseburger?

Jun 05 2010 Published by under Life

I didn’t bring lunch to work yesterday. Since I’m running short, I decided I’ll go with McDonald, because it’s 1 of the cheap options I have (the other option is not to eat at all). I bought a McChicken and a cheeseburger. Then I started to think which one I should eat first.

It turns out that this is a very interesting problem to think about.

Assuming the McChicken is better than the cheeseburger (1.5 EUR to 1 EUR). If you’re “enjoy first, suffer later” kind, you eat the McChicken first. If you’re the “suffer then enjoy” kind, it’s the other way round. Simple.

But if we look at it in another way. We know that your appetite is dependent on your hungry level. The more hungry the more appetite you have. So if I eat the cheeseburger first, I’ll feel half-full after eating, and that makes the McChicken less delicious. But if I eat the McChicken first, the burger will taste even worse. Which one should I eat first?

Then I recalled a TED talk I watched the other day, the speaker talks about experiencing memory and remembering memory. The idea is when recalling an experience, the last event plays a very important role in your impression (ending of a movie, last performance of a show, etc).
Which mean if I eat the McChicken later, I’ll probably have a better impression on the meal since my mouth will have better aftertaste. Which one should I eat first?

When I told my friends, they just said “huy, so complicated. just eat it.”

I ate the McChicken first in the end.

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May 19 2010 Published by under Life

I had a personal conversation with a friend recently. You know, the “My life is this. For me its always….” kind of conversation. And I realize something for myself. So I think I should write down here to share, also to not forget it.

What I’ve realized don’t base on the content of the conversation, but by the nature of the conversation.

I think after all these kinds of conversation, besides the “learn more about the other person” factor, the feeling of having had a personal conversation before also helps u more confident in your friendship with the other person. Although the former involves a little bit of thinking and some people might not be able to do it, the latter comes naturally without you noticing it.

Somewhere in the conversation I started to feel lost, because there are more information being flown than that my brain can process. So how do you overcome that? When listening to others, try to formulate your own thoughts rather than following her words. Whenever you feel you need to listen to her point, do so. Whenever you feel you got her point but she moved on explaining by stating examples, dont stop her. Rather, branch off your thought and spend these little time gaps to collect all the information you’ve heard to grab the big picture of the conversation, the topic you’re talking about, as well as the other person. When she finishes her point, you are good to go, either move on by speak up your own point, or use your formulated thoughts to give comments to her point.

Also, sometime into the conversation, I feel like I am not learning anything new. Information kept being flown around but it’s just the same old tree, just different branches or in different seasons. I, well, haven’t figured out a way how to overcome this. Share with me if you know.

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Being nice to people

Oct 06 2009 Published by under Life

Work hard. Be nice to people, always be nice to people“.
She moved on, “When I was an chemist employee, I’m nice to everybody. I fetched my colleagues to work almost everyday, and I had to work up at 5h in the morning..”, she continued with other examples about keeping a smile, being the last person to leave office etc.

A hand raised “Were these things about being nice to people for a purpose? Is there a case that the person felt s/he was being made used of?”, I asked her.
It doesn’t matter. As long as people find you nice, they’ll treat you well back“. Continue Reading »

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New room

Feb 01 2009 Published by under Life

Spent my LNY (Lunar New Year, and God, it’s Lunar, not Ch*******) in Vietnam for 9 days, staying at home, visiting friends, visiting teacher, going pagoda. I had a shift in mind from the point I just came back home, till the time I leave for Singapore.

uyen-blog-entry-about-meMy beloved friend Fat (well I don’t know how to translate `Mập` to English in a nice way, so `Fat` there it goes) wrote me an entry in her blog, and frankly I never knows I was that great. Thought those were what I normally do to people who visit me.

Just settled with the new room, D103. In overall it’s good, just 1 annoying thing is that I haven’t get used to sleeping, I slept at 3:30 last night ): Nevertheless, the new room created a good working environment as I always wanted.

Talking about people, I have been a bit annoyed with some people who always count (Vietnamese: tính toán) for their actions. Those people sometime make me feel I don’t believe in every move of theirs. I don’t really know whether they do that for me because they meant to, or they just want to get my good thoughts for that.

Finished submitting application for NOC. There is definitely hard time ahead, the time for interview. I remember how desperate  I was when I failed for the last attempt.

I feel for you. You’re more important to me than I thought (or convinced?) myself.

Hmm, time for supper.

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