Mar 09 2009 Published by under Life

Suddenly feel like having a lot of things to do.

Have been sleeping not very well recently. And sleep without any regulation at all (2 days 6 hours each, and 10 hours at weekend).

But on the way of getting my spirit back. It’s a long time since I’ve been into anything. Missed that moment, even though it was a failure. A failure that gained me much more than other normal successes I had.

Quite a few friends got into trouble: they lost their way in life. I’ve always thought that is bad, until recently my friend: “I guess that’s how we learn to seek the direction of the heart: by being lost”.

The last few weeks of the semester… promising to be very busy, given the lazyness of the semester so far.

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TED talk about life and poverty

Jan 28 2009 Published by under Life

I want to share this to all of you: TED video: New insights on life and poverty by Hans Rosling.

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hoang mang – yêu đời

Nov 07 2008 Published by under Life

Bắt đầu cảm thấy yêu đời trở lại, và quan trọng hơn là tìm thấy ý nghĩa và động lực trong cuộc sống.

Kì này mình học khá tệ, điểm nào điểm nấy toàn xấp xỉ trung bình, còn mấy cái prj thì cái nào cũng ương ương dở dỡ nữa chứ. Đôi lúc cảm thấy rất stress, nhưng cuối cùng thì cũng ổn thôi, có lẽ chưa wen với việc nhận điểm dưới trung bình haha.

Cảm ơn prof Ben, What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger!

Mình cảm thấy mìng càng nói nhiều thì càng làm ít, càng nói nhiều càng ko tập trung, càng nói nhiều càng làm ngu. Giống như khi mình nói thì não mình ko thể tập trung suy nghĩ sâu và cặn kẽ dc. Quyết định nói ít lại, hahaha that is so not me…

Vậy là mình đã chọn cho mình 1 người. Để rồi xem đây có fải là 1 lựa chọn tốt hay ko.

Just had a short talk to bro D about life. It’s getting more and more exciting!

Be a man ;)

This is my life

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Did I lose my track?

Nov 02 2008 Published by under Life

I sort of lose my track

Lose my motivation

Lose my target

in life.

Is my capability too low?

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google devfest and my old dear friend

Oct 30 2008 Published by under Life

The day before yesterday I went to the Google DevFest in SMU. It turned out not as good as I could have imagined. But the good news is I meet friend there, Vincent Woon, the one I haven’t seen again since I came back to Singapore.

We left the thing halfway, went out and talk. Man they got beers for free! Carlsberg! Whoohoho how cool that was. It’s indeed been a long time since I drank.

Anyway, he and I talked about lots of things that we could have imagined that had happened to both of us in the past few months: life, work, relationship, future, past, present. We also discussed about philosophy (omg taoism), economics,

We talked about each other’s life in the past few months. It’s really good to hear that he started to love his company IBM, and all the elements going behind his dream – running his own company – has almost been fulfilled. Everything goes on pretty well with him.

We also talked about miscellaneous stuffs ranging from girlfriend (lol) to philosophy, politics, economics. It’s a 5-hour talk man.

Thanks Vincent, you gave me good pieces of advice that helps me better evaluate my current situation, this talk is more than what I expected to see you again!

*sigh I started writing this entry yesterday but only finish it by today*

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