Niềm tin

Sep 23 2009 Published by under Life

Gặp lại 1 đứa bạn học chung PTNK. Mắc cười thiệt, hồi đó 2 đứa chơi cũng chả có thân (mình còn tự hỏi nó có ghét mình ko nữa chớ, do ngày xưa mình “góp ý” cho Đoàn hơi nhiều, nó lại làm trong Đoàn trường nữa chớ). Vậy mà gặp nhau mừng như bắt dc vàng (ok có mình mừng thôi ko biết nó có mừng ko haha), nguyên buổi tối luyên thuyên ngồi tán chuyện cũ chuyện mới, hơn 11h lạnh quá mới bò về nhà. Cũng chẳng thèm đi tham quan mấy tòa nhà ở London nữa (tối nó đóng cửa mẹ rồi còn đâu)

London ồn ào, náo nhiệt hơn hẳn so với Stockholm. Thời tiết lại ấm hơn nữa chứ. Choáng ngợp bởi những ngôi nhà với những kiểu cách khác nhau. Mình thích ở Stockholm hơn, nhẹ nhàng yên tĩnh, ko hối hả cầu kì. Cuộc sống bình lặng trôi, mỗi người có 1 khoảng trời riêng cho mình. Lúc bước vào khoảng trời đó ta thấy được rõ hơn những ước mơ, nhiệt huyết của mỗi con người.

Dạo này nói chuyện với nhiều người, lại có niềm tin vào sự đổi mới. Cảm thấy tự tin và tin tưởng vào lớp trẻ Việt Nam ngày nay, đặc biệt là lớp tri thức du học. Nhưng làm thế nào để xây dựng được cầu nối từ những người trẻ và giới chính quyền hiện giờ, kết hợp kinh nghiệm người già và tính sáng tạo, năng động của giới trẻ?

Sao có nhiều người tính toán, thay đổi cách đối xử với người mắc cười thiệt. Sống vậy mà cũng sống được ko biết.

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People around me

Apr 21 2009 Published by under Life

I spent a little time doing this picture today. Actually, this ideas has been in my head a few months back, but somehow I can only do it until recently.

These are the people that have formed my life. I enjoy every little moment I’ve spent with each of them. It maybe brotherhood, friendship, or love. To some I really feel they’re members of my second family. And to some, I used to want/have been wanting for my future family :-P

People Around Me

The order is really random, except for some region. If you haven’t got a chance to know them, let me introduce to you…

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Mar 09 2009 Published by under Life

Suddenly feel like having a lot of things to do.

Have been sleeping not very well recently. And sleep without any regulation at all (2 days 6 hours each, and 10 hours at weekend).

But on the way of getting my spirit back. It’s a long time since I’ve been into anything. Missed that moment, even though it was a failure. A failure that gained me much more than other normal successes I had.

Quite a few friends got into trouble: they lost their way in life. I’ve always thought that is bad, until recently my friend: “I guess that’s how we learn to seek the direction of the heart: by being lost”.

The last few weeks of the semester… promising to be very busy, given the lazyness of the semester so far.

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New room

Feb 01 2009 Published by under Life

Spent my LNY (Lunar New Year, and God, it’s Lunar, not Ch*******) in Vietnam for 9 days, staying at home, visiting friends, visiting teacher, going pagoda. I had a shift in mind from the point I just came back home, till the time I leave for Singapore.

uyen-blog-entry-about-meMy beloved friend Fat (well I don’t know how to translate `Mập` to English in a nice way, so `Fat` there it goes) wrote me an entry in her blog, and frankly I never knows I was that great. Thought those were what I normally do to people who visit me.

Just settled with the new room, D103. In overall it’s good, just 1 annoying thing is that I haven’t get used to sleeping, I slept at 3:30 last night ): Nevertheless, the new room created a good working environment as I always wanted.

Talking about people, I have been a bit annoyed with some people who always count (Vietnamese: tính toán) for their actions. Those people sometime make me feel I don’t believe in every move of theirs. I don’t really know whether they do that for me because they meant to, or they just want to get my good thoughts for that.

Finished submitting application for NOC. There is definitely hard time ahead, the time for interview. I remember how desperate  I was when I failed for the last attempt.

I feel for you. You’re more important to me than I thought (or convinced?) myself.

Hmm, time for supper.

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google devfest and my old dear friend

Oct 30 2008 Published by under Life

The day before yesterday I went to the Google DevFest in SMU. It turned out not as good as I could have imagined. But the good news is I meet friend there, Vincent Woon, the one I haven’t seen again since I came back to Singapore.

We left the thing halfway, went out and talk. Man they got beers for free! Carlsberg! Whoohoho how cool that was. It’s indeed been a long time since I drank.

Anyway, he and I talked about lots of things that we could have imagined that had happened to both of us in the past few months: life, work, relationship, future, past, present. We also discussed about philosophy (omg taoism), economics,

We talked about each other’s life in the past few months. It’s really good to hear that he started to love his company IBM, and all the elements going behind his dream – running his own company – has almost been fulfilled. Everything goes on pretty well with him.

We also talked about miscellaneous stuffs ranging from girlfriend (lol) to philosophy, politics, economics. It’s a 5-hour talk man.

Thanks Vincent, you gave me good pieces of advice that helps me better evaluate my current situation, this talk is more than what I expected to see you again!

*sigh I started writing this entry yesterday but only finish it by today*

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