Vietnam won Singapore in semi-final woohoohoo

Dec 24 2008 Published by under Life

Last Sunday, I took my junior just coming to Singapore (study in NJC) to Sim Lim Square to buy a laptop for her. That was really fun. We hang around, asking for prices, bargaining. It took around 1 to 2 hours. Eventually I got her a Compaq Presario V3703 at S$962 (GST inclusive). That was a quite good deal I’d say. Second time buying laptop for friends xD

The specs:

  • AMD Athlon X2 1.9GHz,
  • 3GB RAM DDR2-667 Transcend
  • 160GB (forgot to check the brand)
  • 1 mouse + bag

After that, I went to Singapore National Stadium to watch the right-leg semifinal between Singapore and Vietnam. That was the first time I go to a stadium to watch football. And it was really great! When Quang Hai scored the only goal for Vietnam, the feeling was so great and special. I remember the last time I have the similar feeling was in the last National Day, September 2nd. After that we went to Geylang for supper, Frog Porridge. I must admit that this is also my first time go to Geylang.

Some pictures updated:

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Been occupied with work and stuffs. Probably should spend more time on organizing myself and gym.

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