Oct 22 2009

I cannot stress enough how much i love stockholm. it is a total different experience. or is i because i didn’t really enjoy this much during the time i was in singapore. that might be true. remember back in singapore i hardly do anything crazy and totally random. here i do that really often. and life is really happening. couldn’t count the time laughing together with the guys-gang.

omg i totally love it, i dont know how to describe mby words. buy i love it. i love it. i love you, Stockholm.

I took a drinking competition with Shiv during his birthday party yesterday, I don’t even remember why I took up this thing). Extremely fun party (or is it just me?). After drinking 8 ot 9 cups of Bacardi, was a bit loạng choạng and started to feel high (yankai: he doesn’t need to get drunk to get this high)
and the fun began from there.

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  1. Love that life style, too :)

  2. Way to go, dude!

  3. ý chời, đừng để kết quả khi trở về VN là thành một bợm nhậu nha.

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