Snow storms and public transport

Feb 23 2010

The trains break down these days, with the increasing snowstorms. Bosses said it’s the worst (in term of snow amount) and coldest winter for the past 30 years or so.

I shall think that I am lucky.

Outside my window

The following morning

All the trains' schedules are unreliable

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  1. haiz. Snow. Would be a lot of work for those cleaners =P
    Just a random thought =P

  2. Tấm cuối nghĩa là j` hở ku?

  3. Yep the government even requests Swedish army to help them clear the rail track :p

    Tấm cuối nghĩa là tàu ko ổn định nên nó khuyên mình nên đi bus :D
    … giỡn thôi chứ tao hông biết.

  4. Definitely it’s a lot of cleaning work. Minnesota got a blizzard about 3 weeks ago, and my car got tolled. But, Huy, perhaps the weather over in Sweden isn’t as crazy as in Minnesota. Yes, you are lucky :).

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