Sense of belongings

Feb 02 2010

I guess 4 months is enough for one to get used to and get some sense of belongings to a place. It happens to me and Sweden. I’m not surprised anymore to go to a local groceries store to collect my mail, nor forgetting myself to keep to the right of the elevator lane.

Travelling around Europe during the end of 2009 even made that sense more apparent to me. The more you travel, the more you realize ‘Stockholm is the best’, ranging from people, scenery to the little convenient things the government has carefully planned and executed for you. It is that same home-sick feeling when I left Vietnam for Singapore, or left Singapore for Sweden. And you realize, you miss the place because you miss the people.

3 months ago, I woke up looked outside the window and said: “wow, it’s snowing!” Now it has become “My god, it’s snowing, again!”

Life is kind of a cycle. You born. Meet people. Get fucked (sorry don’t take it literally). Feels down and something don’t want to live anymore. Then you think through, learn the lesson, and become wiser. That’s how you grow up.

5 months into Stockholm, a handful of ups and downs, unforgettable moments of joys and laughers. People become a bit wiser.

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  1. I like your insight about growing up and becoming wiser. It’s not easy to do even for adults, so I am impressed that you are at that level ! After my first winter in the U.S. , I reacted the same way about the snow, too. There’s a blizzard outside. Good grief but its whiteness is beautiful. Some of my international pen pals said the snow is what they will miss about Minnesota.

  2. I don’t know which level you’re talking about. But whatever it is, I’m not quite there yet.
    It’s not that it’s not easy to do, it’s that you realize that’s something you need to push yourself forward to. Some people live in their safe-zone and try to play smart and play safe. Some others have tried and failed many times, but never really realized why they failed.

    So yeah, be ready to fail.

    It’s starting to melt over here in Stockholm. I look forward to Spring, but I know I’m gonna miss the snow 3 months from now.

  3. Good that you can be straightforward. But I stick to my point about it not being easy t0 “push yourself forward” :) unless you think of it as eating cake ! :). In many ways, it is challenging but certainly doable with the right ingredients.

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