Oct 20 2010

Just a quick note without proper articulation.

Today, I overheard somebody said “Most jobs in the world are not fulfilling”. This hit me really hard. We the idealists (or naive?) somewhat being confident in a certain level of academic/extra-activity achievement in school usually look forward to a future where we land on the job we want, the job we enjoy doing (here comes the “Do the thing you love and you’ll never work a single day in your life” quote).

We tend to forget that sometimes we’ll have to do a job we don’t enjoy doing (“un-fulfilling”, like how the person put it). We tried to do them without knowing what we’d learn from them.


Work hard, my friends, pursue what you love. But to what you don’t, and it’s a must, remember resilience.

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  1. hmm does that saying really mean that most people arent fulfilled with their jobs? cuz im not sure if we can say this job is fulfilling and that one isnt?!?

    of course even when we do what you love, there are still times of stress and difficulties and desperation, etc. yes, if you we it then you can overcome those when we think of resilience =) but if we dont like your job at all, i’ll say quit it.

    Toastmasters saigon Tips of the day: If you are in one the following 6 situations, you might have choosen a wrong job: 1. You still want to make more moola. 2. Getting bored at the task. 3. You missed out the last promotion in your department. 4. You always worry about getting a pink slip. 5. You always look for other opportuninities. 6. You always scare to get up in morning going to work.

  2. I would apply “resilience” for most things in life.

    How do you know that a job is for you? How do you know that a person is for you? Resilience!

    Btw, “love” is a luxury. Not only it depends on you, but also it depends on your environment. My parents have never had the chance to ask for the jobs they love, but they had to learn to love their jobs.

  3. I like the ending paragraph?
    “Work hard, my friends, pursue what you love. But to what you don’t, and it’s a must, remember resilience.”
    Because I can’t do that now? And I hope I could do that in my future?
    Try to do and try to do?

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