People around me

Apr 21 2009

I spent a little time doing this picture today. Actually, this ideas has been in my head a few months back, but somehow I can only do it until recently.

These are the people that have formed my life. I enjoy every little moment I’ve spent with each of them. It maybe brotherhood, friendship, or love. To some I really feel they’re members of my second family. And to some, I used to want/have been wanting for my future family :-P

People Around Me

The order is really random, except for some region. If you haven’t got a chance to know them, let me introduce to you…

First row: TTLTT; my i-have-a-bf-but-i-don’t-admit-it *wife*; miss can-talk-all-day; a fellow of the miss on the left; eycay; the girl is real hot, I wish I’m 2 years older; a future political leader

2nd row: life is always green for him; this young lady looks at life in an amazingly beautiful way; my unusual professor; the most creatively hilarious guy i’ve known; he’s a real rocker; he knows all the music stuffs, girls are just simply after him.

3rd row: believe me, he’s a monk; she’s gonna own her own business soon; this guy will be financially independent by 25; MS; I miss it while she was chubby; think you can play DDay better than he does?;

Last row: is he smiling? yeah, I love that when he smiles; this guy knows all the crazy tricks you never heard of; he made my days brighter; Susan Boyle’s granddaughter?; a born trick-inventor; guys are badly after her; you’ll be amazed when you lister to her thoughts.

I accidentally left out 4 people that I really want to put in in the photo: my daughter and my *big* boss CE (he’s really big), Tran Hoang Nam & Ly Le The Trien. If you 4 read this, imagine yourselves in the picture k?

This photo is also posted on Facebook with them tagged.

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  1. mày chia dòng sao mà tao ko biết tao là ai nữa? Cũng có thể do tiếng Anh tao kém quá?

  2. hehehe, có em kìa :D

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