Pack Stuff

Aug 07 2011

I love to move house.

When I pack my stuff, I get to decide which ones to throw away, and which ones to bring along with me. Then I realized how little stuff I actually need to live by. The more stuff I’m able to throw away without hesitation, the more content I feel, as it signifies a way of life I’ve been trying to live: a minimalistic life.

Consumerism has deeply rooted into this society. And that is just sad.

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  1. lol I used to keep every little stuff that I could, but now I just throw away anything that I don’t use. I actually liked that feeling, even though at the same time feel that it’s a little cruel

  2. I am learning to throw stuff as well. My brother, after 4 years in NUS, now he can stay everywhere with just a little suitcase. Haha

  3. It feels good doesn’t it.

    What’s so cruel about it? Give them away instead of throw?

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