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Oct 17 2011

Over here people don’t judge you. Whereas in Asia where I live around, I feel that people judge you a lot, and you end up feeling confident because you know that you know something, or feeling insecure with the fear of being looked at. Self-consciousness has played so big a role in without my permission.

That’s partly the reason I don’t blog often these days. I’m scared of falling in the trap of feeling a sense of self-consciousness, and ended up refining every sentence to a point when I think people like it. Although I know it’s just me and a blog, people don’t really give a shit about.

Not until I can learn to control that psychology, every time I start drafting a blog post, I start thinking about how others think of it, and losing track of the main thought. So these days I resort my thoughts to a private diary.

That should explain why I don’t publicize my blog that much either, it’s really not about people reading the blog, rather it’s about me writing. Although once in a while people came and told me they like my blog. I felt flattered every time so.

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  1. Wait, exactly why are you blogging to begin with? 

  2. As an attempt to over-come the struggle of self-consciousness.

  3. But why do you care about other people’s judgement? :) That’s just life’s drama :)

  4. even if you don’t, subconsciously you do. And it’s not something you can control unless you care and get at it constantly.

  5. haha :) do you judge people?

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