November 24, 1 paper finished

Nov 24 2008

Just finished 1 paper, in overall just so so, hope can get an A- :-(

Recently I found my interest in Geo Challenge, an Facebook game developed by Play Fish. This is the most exciting educational game I’ve found so far (though I don’t play games often, the very few games last time I played were Warcraft, GunBound, Starcraft, Empire). Play Fish games, as I observed, trains your right hemisphere brain (where all the imaginations, creativity, geometric visualisation come about), hence increase your social knowledge, creativity and imagination. PlayFish games that I play: Geo Challenge, Who has the Biggest Brain, Word Challenge.

Well seems my December break has been randomly planned:

  • Think most of my time will be spent on doing research assistant, really dun want to disaapoint my prof.
  • Work on my 2306S project next semester
  • Work on UROP project
  • Helping 3 bunches of friends coming over to Singapore. Especially, my chubby Uyen :x will be here for 2 weeks with me and we’ll go back Vietnam together for Lunar New Year.
  • Build IHG website.
  • Run NVTNET community
  • Meanwhile train mindmap thingies skills, communication skills, self-motivation!!!
  • Erm learning statistics?

I dun think I can do these all in December break.

Dear Huy, you better come up with something achievable soon, make it after exams, dude.

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