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Aug 31 2009

The very first day

Me and the guys gang at the very first day

I suppose most of the people who visit my blog are more or less my good friends. So I assume they know where I am at and what I am doing. It’s been so long since I last blog (and the last entry isn’t related to my life at all!), so it’s time to make another and tell people how I am doing :)

Life (during the past 2 weeks) has been good so far. I’m so in love with the slow and enjoyable pace people have here. Rarely I found a person walking on the street with the speed of jogging (like I saw everyday in Singapore). They do things slowly, but wisely [or like my friend Kate blogged about Stockholm: even the lift is slow]. The weather is totally marvelous. I have NEVER experienced such an awesome weather my entire life. It is the best weather year-round. The temperature ranges from 12*C to 20*C; not that cold, but when the wind comes strong, you better go and hide yourself under the jacket. It is just so attractive to be fallen in love with.

The student lives in my hostel are very lively and happening. Parties [that beer, wine, dance thing] are held just every weekend (often times during weekday as well). In fact, yesterday (Saturday night) there were 3 open parties (everyone can join) happening at the same time [too bad none of them is good, I checked them all]. One of the reasons I can think of for this liveliness is because most of the residents are exchange students, why on earth should they care about their studies here?

The first week of work has been over. The company environment (and the working culture, in general) has put a good impression on me. I will try to dedicate another entry about my company?

My office is located on 30th-story of the 32-story Kista Science Tower. It is the ONLY skyscraper in the region. That means I can see the whole area (without being blocked) within radius of a few kilometers just by sitting in my office (woohoo). Another interesting thing is the speed of the elevators here. They are the fastest elevators in Sweden, reaching the speed of 5-6m/s. Took me less than 15 seconds to reach floor 30 from the lobby (floor 3).
I’m not good as using words to describe any kind of beauty, and I don’t intend to do so here. Rather, I will upload some pictures of my office as soon as I can.

I really feel the pressure and heavy workload that I will need to go through in this 1 year. But I’ll just be fine, just like a diamond – a chunk of coat made good under pressure.

It’s really hard to write deep details for a introductory entry of a new life, since I have to cover many things in 1 post. So I decide to stop here and will continue to write more on some of them that I found interesting ;)

Oh yeah, for those who don’t know where I am and what I am doing, I’m currently in Stockholm (Sweden), and I will stay here for the next 1 year under NUS Overseas Colleges program. I work for this start-up company SenseGraphics and taking entrepreneurship courses at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

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  1. Cool! Keep blogging!

  2. really really glad to know about ur life there, just keep updating so that i can imagine it clearer and see that u’re enjoying to the best u can ;)

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