Getting better

Apr 18 2009

Just talked with sis L about her relationship thing, she seems to cheer up now.
I really don’t know why I can cheer up people’s problems quite well, but I can’t solve my own problem, I’m losing the girl I’m in love with.

I don’t know whether you really meant that or just pretend so, I just assume that all this is just a test you want to try on me. Why? Because friends don’t do this to each other, especially good friends! I also remember the time when you said you’re not ready and asked me to wait until May. I am.

Things are getting a little better these days. I kinda twist my mind and force my thoughts in a more positive way, still, on the same thing. Now that thing, instead of pulls me down, becomes something I’d have to fight for.

Besides, I’m recently in love with this woman Susan Boyle who stunned everybody on Britains Got Talent 2009 show. It was just 7 days after her video uploaded on youtube, and the hits jumped to 20M! The news even called her “The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell”. For those of you who don’t know her, this is the link:

However, that didn’t inspire me as much as these videos do. Check them out yourself

Some times others will not like you or what you do. Just keep on pursuing your passion

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  1. Không biết nói gì, chắc mua vé qua Sin quá? Không yên tâm tí nào cả? Vẫn nhớ như in cái cách mày vui khi nói chuyện với cô ấy, nhưng dù trong tình huống xấu nhất thì mày hãy cố xem nó như là 1 ngã rẽ cuộc đời, đừng nhìn lại mà hãy chuẩn bị cho những ngã rẻ sắp tới, vì nó sẽ đến rất bất ngờ? yêu mày nhiều, muốn ôm mày, tao sẽ ôm bé Chó Cận, mày buồn hãy ôm Chó Mập nha?

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