Dealing with people

Jun 23 2013

One reason those who do well in school might not do well in life: School doesn’t teach you how to deal with people.

School actually blocks you from learning how to deal with people.

For some, dealing with people is the toughest problem they have to face in their working life.

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  1. This is absolute rubbish. You just failed to learn how to deal with people while you were in school.

    This is exactly the reason why extra-curricular activities are important. In fact, it is my view that the key benefit of the top high schools in Singapore is that they have v strong extra-curricular activities and most of the learning takes place there. Academics are the least of the problem for these students.

  2. Honestly I did a lot of extra-curriculum activities in school Ben. In my impression the kind of people I deal with in school is so much different from the kind of people I deal with outside of school.

    But you might be right, the thing I failed to see while doing these ECA is awareness of how important learning how to deal with people is. Most of my ECA involved technical, or operations within the same team, rather than dealing with people in a more partnership/business manner.

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