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Jun 21 2010

I realize I like to hack stuff. I spent more time to write small programs that automate the work I encounter. Below is one of the examples.

We recently organized an TEDx conference. 1 requirement of the conference: each speaker is only given 18 minutes to speak. So we must put a count-down clock in front of the speakers to remind them how many minutes they have left.
And since we have no such specialized digital clock, I decided to write a small script to facilitate.

How the page looks like

How the page looks like

Took me 30 mins to come up with the first version. Andrew took over and customize the script to allow specifying minutes and seconds through query string (thanks Andrew!)

You can try out the script here (though you might not see exactly in the picture since you don’t have the correct font): DS-Digital. You should try in the full-screen mode (keypress F11).

During the conference, we put the script in a 17″ computer facing the speaker and start it every time the speaker start his speech.

For those of you who are techie, you can download the source code (or you can just view source and see, it’s just some HTML, CSS and JS).

Thanks date.js, jquery, stackoverflow for the great help!

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  1. Tiện wá hen ku. ^^

  2. uh ngồi viết mấy cái script nhỏ nhỏ vậy mà thích!

  3. Cho xin cái sơ đồ bạn ơi?

  4. Sơ đồ gì hả bạn?

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