bombom – my first javascript game

Nov 14 2008

So I was bored… not exactly bored but I felt like there are so many small things that I thought I could have done, but in the end, they were never got done. Why? Because everything I started working on that, either I gave up, or either I felt I spent too much time (more than expected) on that.

So there it goes, the simple game BomBom is born in 3 hours.

After playing a game which I can’t remember the name on Mo Hao’s iPhone, I was really addicted to it. I thought I could have done something similar. Now I did. The game is about stopping a sequence of boms to be exploded by touching it one by one.

I, however, did not manage to find a nice pair of normal bomb / exploding-bomb image. So I just took 2 tick and cross image to replace. I felt it’s not that fun compared to MoHao’s game in term of graphics and time deplay. But since his iphone is on vacation (read: maintenance), I would wait for it to come back and play the actual game again.

OK here is my game: BomBom

The rule is simple: you have to press the correct sequence of the bombs appearing (the bottom left is number 1, bottom center is 2, etc.. — its exactly the numpad on ur PC keyboard)

If you’re using PC (or a PC keyboard), use ‘123456789’ key on the right numpad. If you are using laptop, check the “Laptop mode” and your keys are: ‘zxcasdqwe’

I intended to make it on java with swing at first, but thinking about the javaswing with netbeans scared me a lot. I decided to choose web platform with jquery. And that was really easy. most of the 3 hours counted is dedicated to searching for the correct jquery and javascript command and syntax to use T_T

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  1. add scrip to save high score please :D

  2. As you mentioned, how about some background music to give the beat? ;)

  3. ya I agree should have the script for high score saving.
    And hey, I think the background music is for losers :-P

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