Being Smart

Feb 23 2011

When we’re young people keep praising us how smart we are, out of courtesy or just saying for the sake of it. We, however, misinterpreted and took it for granted, thinking we could go far in the future.

Being smart is just overrated. The not-so-smart have one huge advantage over the smart: persistence. They are born knowing things life ain’t gonna be easy for them. They are prepared to put an extra effort into everything. That mentality, over the years, becomes a habit.

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  1. I disagree. Smartness and grit are independent.

    If you are truly smart, you’d figure out soon enough, what really matters. If not, you weren’t *really* smart to begin with, despite what others say. :-)

    How far you will go depends not so much on what others say, but on YOU. :-)

  2. I agree with what you said. But I didn’t mean that smartness and grit are dependent in any way. I was just talking about some illusion the young and insecure me didn’t realize until much later.

    When it comes to smartness I believe there are many different kinds of smartness. And the kind that help you figure out what really matters isn’t necessarily the kind that helps you with other technical competence.

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