Apache startup problem with Skype

Sep 11 2009

skype-apacheIf you’re using Skype with Apache (standalone or bundled with WAMP, XAMPP), there’s a chance that you can’t start Apache service.

Why? Because Skype uses port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS ) by default.

How to fix?

Easy. Go to Skype Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection, untick “Use port 40 and 443  as alternatives for incoming connections”

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  1. well just simply kindly remove one of them and it’ll be fine :D

  2. You don’t know how popular Skype is being used over here. Here people don’t have MSN nor Gmail nor YM. They only have Skype.

  3. I’m just kidding, I know what you mean in what you’ve posted though :-)

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