Sep 10 2011

2 years ago, I came to the place that I’d never dreamt going: Europe. As I was sitting in the transit area in Taoyuan Airport, I realize that I’ve been keeping an unspoken, subconscious dream, a dream formed merely on society’s expectation: The America Dream (dream of going to America)

For those friends who are kept out of the loop, I’m sorry I didn’t inform you earlier. I’m going on a 3-month software engineering internship with Facebook. It will start next Monday and ends in early December.

I’m now in San Jose, California. The weather is perfect, no rain, breezy and slightly cold in the morning and remains enjoyably cool throughout the day. The living condition here is good, as good as Europe so far (though public transportation sucks a little – but people mostly drive cars). That, plus the vibrant hi-tech community of SF Bay Area, I think if a foreign student doesn’t have a strong conviction to come back to serve his/her country, s/he will easily decides to stay here for good.

There are so many things/events going on around here, that if you don’t have a clue of what you want (or seems to want), you might easily get confused, and tempting to go to all of them.

Working for a big company has its perks, especially when one with big cool company (like Facebook). As I observed through the paramount benefits that Facebook gives its employees these days, I’m impressed and think Facebook has every extrinsic motivation covered to retain its people. From free lunch, free corporate apartment, free company shuttle bus, high salary, to unconstraint working hours and its constant stream of outdoor activities. For intrinsic reason, we will see when work starts.

But with the sort of emotions and feeling I’ve been going through the last few days (being a Facebook intern), I feel humbled to be reminded of one lesson: Never let the brand define you.

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  1.  I realize that I’ve been keeping an unspoken dream, a dream formed merely on society’s expectation: The America Dream (dream of going to America)
    You need to find YOUR OWN dream and destiny. :-) You’re a smart kid. You eventually will, I have no doubt. Take care of yourself and stay safe. :-P

  2. really like the way you think – with both depth and clarity. bravo. 

  3. huy! awesome! have fun there! I knew you’d make it :D

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