After Winter, Spring comes

Sep 18 2009

Huy's daily personal checklist

My daily personal checklist. Look at the pencil hanger ;) I'm so proud of it

They’re right. After Winter, Spring will come again. Yesterday was a good day to me, it released all the burdens and stresses I’ve been bearing the past couple of days.

Firstly, I collected UK Visa yesterday, now I can officially announce: I’ll be going to London from this Sunday to next Thursday (Sep 20 – Sep 24) for a business conference/exhibition with my boss Johan. Just can’t wait for it. Can’t believe my very first business exposure takes place in London, UK! This time, instead of being a technician, I’ll be a salesman woohooooooooooo. Sell products sell services sell technology sell sell sell sell…

Second, I finished the presentation/competition in the afternoon. I felt damn relieved and free. No matter what the result is, the judges have given me motivation and encouragement to further pursue this idea.

Treated CH a dinner (he was so WOWed when witnessing me cooking ;) )

Listening to Ozstudio Radio by a group of VNCNUS students. I know these people, they really impress me with the quality of the radio. Like the  “Forever Autumn” ep.

Update: Congratulations to Nguyen Minh Trung for earning a place to Stockholm next January!

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  1. You’ve been proudly catching them, it brings me an idea that you will succeed someday, but do never stop trying and dealing with those chances, bro ^^

    Ah, can I use your theme for mine in case you don’t wanna keep it personally unique. It looks good somehow :D

  2. I failed though. Another team (whom I know) won a place to Texas for the global competition. Good for them.

    Sure, go ahead and use it (; ho am I to stop you? I got it somewhere , and it’s free.

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