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Work Hard First

Nov 20 2012 Published by under Life

Sometimes we focus too much on the optimization on how to work more efficiently, rather than the work itself. We feel insecure about not working fast enough, and spent most time thinking about how to work faster. But in fact we should be willing to at least put in sheer hours to get the work done, even if it takes longer than expected.

Only when we position our mind in the right frame, optimization will come naturally as the next step.

It’s good to work smart. But first you must be willing to work hard.

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6 Things I Learn From My Boss

Nov 08 2012 Published by under Life

1. Trust, but verify

You need to trust people, but that doesn’t mean they’re right all the time.

2. Be honest

People appreciate you being honest, as long as you show genuine intention. Even if it hurts them.

If you’re working with the right people, they’ll respect you for that.

3. Don’t take people for granted.

My work is appreciated everytime. And he’s verbose about it.

4. Tell people how valuable their work is.

5. Save money.

6. Don’t ever let anyone fuck you

Make sure you’re not dependent on them in anyway (most of the time it’s financially). This gives you the courages to be who you are, and say what you mean.

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Taxi Uncle

Nov 05 2012 Published by under Life

…worked for an electronics company for 10 years. Then AT&T Motorola for another 15 years. Rose to Senior Technical Manager. Got laid off when company scaled down. Been driving taxi for 11 years.

Raised 3 kids, all university educated. 2 got married and moved out. 1 entering NUS.

“You seemed financially alright to me, uncle. I’m sure you have enough savings and pension to live” – I said.
“I don’t want to sit down and watch movies. I want to be working, I want to be on the road”.

“Given your technical skills why don’t you consider doing consultancy/freelance work or something?”
“I don’t have the money. I put all money to my children’s education.”

Taxi Uncle had all my respects.

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