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The Founder & the Builder

Aug 20 2012 Published by under Life

We feel insecure about not building something from the start, but often times costantly obsessing about building something from the start hinders us from bringing something from good to great, which can be as honoured (and even more difficult) than bringing it from the beginning till now.

Looking at my room I felt regret not being able to build it from the start, and suddenly I realize that stops me from thinking further how to make it even a better room.

So sometimes maybe you’re just not the serial entrepreneur, but the serial builder, bringing every product/organization you enter to the even higher level of standard.

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Accepting People

Aug 16 2012 Published by under Life

Sometimes we tell others about things we think are right for them, thinking we’re kind and doing them a favour. But often times, we’re just the selfish selves trying to squeeze some feeling of influence.

The true kindness comes from the ability to accept others for who they are (or what they’ve done). And only when you’ve learn to accept them, people will be more acceptant to what you say, for it comes from your true heart.

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