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Oct 27 2011 Published by under Life

Having a life mentor is not just about someone guiding you to the right direction, but also about getting used to having someone strip off your egoistic, defensive wall so that you can give life a rational examination that it deserves everyday.

I think constant mentorship is the probably the best way to develop any person personally and professionally.

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Over here

Oct 17 2011 Published by under Life

Over here people don’t judge you. Whereas in Asia where I live around, I feel that people judge you a lot, and you end up feeling confident because you know that you know something, or feeling insecure with the fear of being looked at. Self-consciousness has played so big a role in without my permission.

That’s partly the reason I don’t blog often these days. I’m scared of falling in the trap of feeling a sense of self-consciousness, and ended up refining every sentence to a point when I think people like it. Although I know it’s just me and a blog, people don’t really give a shit about.

Not until I can learn to control that psychology, every time I start drafting a blog post, I start thinking about how others think of it, and losing track of the main thought. So these days I resort my thoughts to a private diary.

That should explain why I don’t publicize my blog that much either, it’s really not about people reading the blog, rather it’s about me writing. Although once in a while people came and told me they like my blog. I felt flattered every time so.

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Oct 02 2011 Published by under Life

“Read, read in large quantity. Doesn’t matter what single book you read. What matters is the total sum of them, in diverse genres.”

– From a friend who changed my life in every possible way, though he might not realize he has.

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