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On Money

Aug 18 2011 Published by under Life

(The few hard-earned lessons I got about money)

When I expected to get 400$ for a job I was about to do, someone helped me to get 1000$ instead. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any better, as I thought I would. I felt bad, actually. To alleviate the guilt, I made sure I did 1000$ worth of work.

It’s not about how much they pay, it’s about whether you feel you deserve the amount. It’s not the more money you get that makes you satisfied, it’s the higher you think you’re worth.


When you’re doing well with your work, or happy with friends, it’s no problem spending more than usual to have a good break. But when you’re stuck with work, stressed with school, or just merely in a bad mood, you start to question if the penny spent is well justified.

It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how the spending is justified, and most of the times, that depends on your mood and situation.


Remember this, always: What can be solved by money, should be solved by money.

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Happy Birthday Singapore

Aug 09 2011 Published by under Life

Happy birthday, Singapore.

It’s amazing to see you grow all these years. 4 years living here, and you never fail to amaze me, every time. I’m sure there’s more to come.

And in your growth, I see myself growing with you. I am what I am today because of you. With your help, I’m on my way realizing my callings in life. I am grateful for what you’ve done to me.

Happy birthday, again, Singapore. I owe you huge.

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Pack Stuff

Aug 07 2011 Published by under Life

I love to move house.

When I pack my stuff, I get to decide which ones to throw away, and which ones to bring along with me. Then I realized how little stuff I actually need to live by. The more stuff I’m able to throw away without hesitation, the more content I feel, as it signifies a way of life I’ve been trying to live: a minimalistic life.

Consumerism has deeply rooted into this society. And that is just sad.

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