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The cleaning auntie in my floor…

Sep 25 2010 Published by under Life

can speak 5 languages: English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, Hokkien. She used to serve in the army. She’s Indian Singaporean.

She has a grandson who’s principal of a secondary school nearby. I’m sure he’s well-off enough to support her.

She said she does this job to make sure her muscles being exercised everyday, and will be doing this until she can’t.

Who knows what life brings when you give a smiley ‘good morning auntie’ everyday?

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Sep 25 2010 Published by under Life

I used to think I suck at designing. But not anymore.

The logo I’ve been doing for a conference I’m organizing. Ysummit.

Thanks Toan, Kim and Kelsie along the way.

Btw, happy birthday to An.

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The Illusion from Social Appraisal, and Elitism

Sep 11 2010 Published by under Life

The online social network, the blogosphere, or environments alike, have inherently ignited a bad side: They dilutes people into thinking they’re better, stronger than what they actually are, mainly due to social appraisal and social recognition.

Say you have a blog, you make a nice, well-thought blog entry, people read, give nice comments, have high regard of you. That’s fine. I think that’s good.
What’s not fine is how you perceive these feedback. Would you just appreciate their comments, appraisals, or would you start thinking you’ve achieved some kind of success due to the great social appraisal?

My suspect is that, there’s a high chance people will fall to the latter. And I think that is dangerous.

They’re easily illusioned by the social appraisal and thought they’re on the way to success, or they’ve achieved something of significance.

On the other side, such people that do real work with real impacts, are truly inspiring to me. Mohammad Yunus, Wendy Kopp are among the people that bring great source of inspirations to me.

I recall a question I asked myself some time ago about why people wanted to share emotional statuses update on facebook. My answer: People are lonely, they want to seek social consolation. But I believe the actual solution comes from their own thought and sanity.

Overtime, these social networks/blogospheres creates a notion of elitism among its members. Think of it along the line of an elitist group being impressed by each other. There’s a proverb in Vietnamese that nicely captures this: “Ếch ngồi đáy giếng” – a group of frogs staying at the bottom of the well.

I’m not saying being elitist is a bad thing, my point is it’s easy for those who are in the elitist group to indulge their attitude and make themselves feel special and superior.
I also do understand elitism is important.

It’s not easy to get yourself out of this elitist mode (at least for me), since this has been the motivation/relying point for those who never realize. Ever since I realized this, I’ve been struggling to position my head in the right direction. Stay humble, and assess yourself by not what people praises or criticize, but your own beliefs and judgment. Ask yourself: Are the works you do fake, or real?

You might ask then why do I start this blog? Am I wasting my time involving in this social circle rather than doing real work?
I use this blog to reflect my thoughts, to seek sanity through writing, and to share with the world my naive oppinions about the world.

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Living in the past

Sep 04 2010 Published by under Life

It’s interesting how RomCom movies can inspire you sometime.

I re-watched the movie “17 again” with a couple of friends. There is this part in the movie where the main character came back to visit his old highschool (where he was the basketball star). The conversation started between him and a janitor. Somewhere in the middle the old janitor told him: “We all wanted to live in the past”.

I shrugged and imagined how would I ever think of my university life 5 (or even 1) years from graduation.
I regretted not to do something in middleschool when I got into high school.
I regretted not to live certain lifestyles in high school when I got into college.

It’s still my choice now to make the rest of my college life something unforgettable and unregrettable! (though I never regretted the best 1 year of my life spending in Sweden!)

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