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Taking close relationships for granted

Aug 27 2010 Published by under Life

People take close relationships for granted. Such relationships are parents or close friends (the kind of friends whom you share most of your secrets to)

People take parents, close friends for granted. They often make less effort to “please” / care for / think about them, as compared to new friends they’re making in the street.

Have you ever canceled a dinner with your closed friend for a meeting with a newly met (but potentially beneficial) one?

Or have you ever told your parents you’d be back home later than you promised them, just to hang out a little more with friends around?

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It’s over

Aug 02 2010 Published by under Life

I’ll leave Stockholm tomorrow.
This is it. One year passed in a blink.

You changed my life, NCST. You really did.

They say leave the best for last. I say live the best for every moment. I think I did.

So that’s it. Endless dinners, endless movie nights, endless parties, endless drunk moments, endless swears. It ends here. Jasvind walking skeleton, Amelia Liaoooooo, huiqiii, andrew ching ga ling ga ling, sankar the indian and the rest of batch 10. I’ll wait for you in Singapore in 5 months with a bottle of Vodka ok? Remember to SAY MY NAMEEEEEE

Had a wonderful dinner and bonfire with the rest of the team. That lasted and marked my last dinner in Lappis. My last moment to see Gamla, walking around Stockholm. OMG I love this place so much.

And I’ll take every moment and live it out loud. I know this is the time. This is the time more than a name or faces in the crowd i know this is the time this is the time of my life.

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