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a perfect getaway

Mar 29 2010 Published by under Life

Alcohol helps people get away from reality, and made strangers get closer to each other.

I escaped from reality for 2 nights for a cruise to Riga (Latvia), a memory that just made me unable to imagine how would it be when I’m back to Singapore in July. I am so gonna miss these times and this group of people forever.

Not that I haven’t been blogging much, but that I have not pen things down for a while. And the older you grow the worse your memory starts to get.

It’s amazing how you can find out more about yourself by just thinking about how you have reacted to certain situations.

by the way happy birthday to huiqi and khanh. The 2 of you stay young and pretty, k?

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Mar 08 2010 Published by under Life

For the first time I came to Sweden, I have something to really look (and work) forward to.

Mark that day in May.

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