Dec 24 2010

Well it’s been quite sometimes since I last properly wrote. Christmas and New Year seem to be a good reason for you to write something again.

I never thought 2010 would completely turn me into a totally different person.

At the Ysummit conference

After returning from NOC I took on something unexpected: to organizer 2 more conferences. That made me a conference organizer 3 times this year. Doing the unexpected gives me the unexpected. I found friends that you enjoy working and seeing. I discovered more things about me (mostly problems). Things like “the Vietnamese problem”, “the white problem” are a few of them.

I become (or at least try to become) mindful. I got quiet more often. Some friends said I turned into a totally different person, for better or worse.

Throughout the entire semester I didn’t feel like being a student, it’s like I was a full-time conference organizer, although inexperience. Matter of fact, my grade dropped dramatically this semester, thankfully it’s still in the second-upper range.

I made great friends, the kind where you enjoy both working and seeing. I think there’s a fine line between the kind of friends you make by hanging out with them, and the kind of friends you make by working with them. I reconnected and got closer with old friends, disconnected with a few.

I got interested in more subjects and topics. I made an effort to read more. But it has it drawback, I haven’t touched programming for 5 months.

My sister Thao is now married and taking care of her 6-month old son. She stays at home all the time, though. Whenever she leaves the kid, even only for an hour, she started missing him – that’s what I heard from my brother-in-law. Next year they’re gonna move to a new apartment. My bother-in-law’s business is going well. I’m happy they are happy.

My parents and I come to visit them every other day. The boy is getting cuter and cuter. When he lie down, his legs hang in the air, only the head and butt touch the ground. Whenever I clap my hand in front of him he start to laugh wave his hands around. And wherever the kid be, the entire attention goes to him. I have a picture of him right here.

My parents just bought a new house, they said they’re gonna fix it a little bit before moving in, make some changes so that later on if I ever want to start a business in Vienam, I don’t have to rent an office during the first few years.

I feel extremely grateful to the people who appear in my life to date: family, the NOC friends, the NOC staff, the AYES friends, the Ysummit friends, the VNC friends, the friends in Vietnam and you.

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  1. You’re really different !!!!
    Grateful to be your friend !!!
    Cafe đê !!!

  2. You’re growing into something. (can’t find the word)

    @Nhung: ur last sentence stands out.

  3. Tell me more, what is “the Vietnamese problem”? :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. @Nhung: cafe thì cafe mà bà có chịu đi đâu.

    My “Vietnamese problem” basically say that whenever I hang out with a Vietnamese friend and a non-Vietnamese friend I tend to speak/care more to the non-Vietnamese friend due to various reasons, one being that I’m not used to speaking English to a Vietnamese whom I can speak Vietnamese to. This might sounds silly and insignificant but somehow it indeed affects me.

    Another thing is that when I speak Vietnamese and English I find myself a totally different person due to the deep dependency of my experiences on the language I experienced them in. I however have been working on this and it’s getting better everyday.

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