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Just realize

Nov 19 2009 Published by under Life

…that I’m not crazy enough.

Me on Helsinki Trip

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Lan’s birthday video

Nov 12 2009 Published by under Life

I made this video on Lan‘s birthday (Nov 07) . This is my first video ever made. Thanks to the time spent in EusoffWorks.

I realize the importance of multimedia in conveying spirit and inspiring people. I wish I could have taken video editing more seriously.

Still, the video is not too bad, though. Enjoy!

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Stockholm random art

Nov 11 2009 Published by under Life

On my walk to work

Stockholm random art?

Stockholm random art?

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27 things you should do before graduation

Nov 03 2009 Published by under Life

Here are the list of 27 things I think I’ll try to do before graduation. And you should do it, too!

Some of the things on this list I’ve already done or have been doing, some are not. But of course I’ll try to do as many as I could throughout the rest 3 years of my university life.

Here we go, straight from point 1 to point 27.

  1. Prepare an elevator pitch that sells YOU.
  2. Ask yourself: “What am I living for?” and try answering that in 1 sentence or 2.
  3. Don’t try to please everyone. There are so many bad and jealous people in the world. If they hate you, let them. The more successful you are, the more people hate you.
  4. Get into a relationship. College is the best time for a relationship. When you’re in it, don’t think about how you 2 are going be in future! (But don’t get into 1 just for the sake of not wanting to be single)
  5. Make friend with a professor; see how you can learn from him/her and how he/she can learn from you.
  6. Sometimes, send someone you love a postcard, even if he/she just stays 1-minute walking distance away from you.
  7. Keep a logbook. Paste it on the wall and fill in daily. Imagine looking at these 5 years from now? Continue Reading »

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