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Cả nhà thương nhau [sign language]

Jul 23 2009 Published by under Life

Singing “Cả nhà thương nhau” (children song “family love”) using sign language.

Credit to bé Trân – made during the Botanic Garden trip with VNCNUS freshmen.

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Change theme

Jul 15 2009 Published by under Life

After spending a couple of hours surfing, I don’t really found any theme that really looks good for me. That’s why I decided to install this theme naked. I’ll gradually make changes to it. I think this is good coz it’ll help me understand a bit more about wordpress theme system, and I’ll have full customization to the look of my site.

Do expect to see changes to my weblog design during the next couple of days. I can’t promise how long it’ll take (i’m in the laziness state of my life), but it’ll be good ;)

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VNJ gathering and NOC sessions

Jul 14 2009 Published by under Life

Last Friday, I came to attend the NOC meeting with D with the sole purpose of seeing her, I was quite surprised when I met her. She doesn’t look like what I’ve always imagined. Over the email communication with her during the last couple of months, I thought she would be very cold, disciplinary and strict. She is so not so so in person.

Around 30s, tall and a bit skinny. Active, speak English fluently with only a little bit of Singlish accent. Probably 4 years in Stockholm have changed her accents. Nice, friendly and very open. She gave every NCST student the opposite impression that we’ve assumed on her before. Continue Reading »

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Come to Singapore

Jul 09 2009 Published by under Life

I came to Singapore at last. And I will be staying here for the next 1 month, preparing myself for the big journey ahead.
I’ve been really slacking the last couple of weeks in Vietnam, at least to my expectations and standards.

Có 2 thằng ngu, hạ cánh ở terminal 1, vì muốn kiếm chỗ gửi tiền nên lò dò lên skytrain sang terminal 2 rồi tính làm thủ tục hải quan ra luôn, đi được nửa chừng thì sực nhớ hành lý kí gửi vẫn còn ở terminal 1. Lúc người ta xuống skytrain hết, 2 thằng tiu nghỉu đứng lại trên skytrain chờ được quay lại với terminal 1.

Tự nhiên nó cảm thấy thoải mái khi vừa bước chân đến Singapore. Chắc đó là cảm giác có được khi nghĩ đến những thứ nó sẽ làm trong vòng 1 tháng tới, và kế tiếp là 1 năm mà nó *được* một lần nữa giang đôi cánh quanh một đất nước chưa lần nào nó ước được đến: Thụy Điển.

Seems that the school buses in school run 5 minutes earlier than scheduled?

Yong Xin gave me a sweater. I was totally surprised! I didn’t know he is that sweet. It is a double-side sweater. That means both right side and in-side-out will work. Black and yellow, just exactly as EH.

I did my own *real* supermarket today. Got enough kitchenware and spices and first-trial vegetables and meats. Gonna start some real cook-job tomorrow!

Chuyên mục mới mở: Cooking Vocabs:
– leek: hành lá

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