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TED talk about life and poverty

Jan 28 2009 Published by under Life

I want to share this to all of you: TED video: New insights on life and poverty by Hans Rosling.

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Tết Kỉ Sửu

Jan 26 2009 Published by under Life

Tự nhiên lời gõ tiếng Việt có dấu

30 Tết,

Lăng xăng trong nhà phụ me dọn dẹp, tối gia đình dì Nga, anh Minh (chồng sắp cưới của chị) đến ăn Tất Niên. Năm nào Tết Me cũng nấu mấy món đó (Tết về VN mình chỉ mong có vậy!). Lên mạng gặp vài đứa bạn chúc tết, chu choa tối 30 lên mạng đông dữ.

Giao thừa tết Kỉ Sửu,

Me lì xì 500k, chị lì xì 500k, lì xì lại chị 500vnd (lol!). 2 chị em dẫn nhau ra đường xem thiên hạ đi ăn giao thừa. Đường không đông. Mới đầu năm mà đã có đánh lộn ì xèo. Chạy vòng vòng nửa tiếng đi về nhà ngủ.

Mùng 1 Tết,

Sáng dậy 9h, lăn qua lăn lại. Gần 11h rồi, ta lại đi chùa.

Hết blog.

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Jan 23 2009 Published by under Life

Disclaimer: below are random thoughts that I don’t even look over when submitting.

This time going home is something different from other time. I still feel I’m in Singapore, especially when I haven’t finished my NOC application, and still stuck with it. The more I deal with it, the worse I feel about my writing ability.

This time going back, I don’t feel like I’m back. Is it the Principle of Diminishing Return that I’ve learnt in Econs lecture not so long ago? Or is it because of all the things I have to do QUICKLY when returning to Singapore? I guess both. My parents yelled about my weight-loss and the stomach problem, that’s true.

I know it’s not good to always think about the weakness and let them make us down, but this time it stucks inside me like hell.

I’ll change to Single room by the time I fly back Singapore, it’s D103. The guy has some financial problem and wanted to swap to double room.

Suddenly I recall a quotation: “Tell me, what are you gonna do with your one, wild and precious life?”

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New sem start

Jan 13 2009 Published by under Life

Actually now I really tired, I can’t write much now. I just want to write this to note that the new semester has started, and I SHOULD BE getting ready for it. Anyway, it was a long and weathering day for myself. And it was good, despite those recent bad days.

Some people you really liked to play last time, when something serious happened, turn out to be really annoying and arrogant, from my own view. And there is not just 1 person.

You know, you cannot please everybody. When you try to please them all, you lose yourself.

When you sit still, look at the things around you, especially people, you are surprised and amazed at how different they are in their thoughts, and sometime, what they say doesn’t mean what they mean.

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Not feeling good

Jan 10 2009 Published by under Life

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Jan 03

Jan 03 2009 Published by under Life

Am I at the downturn of my life?

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Hello 2009

Jan 01 2009 Published by under Life

Dear 2009,

I’m glad you’ve come, welcome to my life. From now on you’ll stay within me in 365 days. And you know what? You better be nice with me. Coz I’m gonna do great this year, ways great!

Was talking to dear about one’s curve and found out that’s really interesting. The idea is one will describe his performance during the year by a curve without the needs to tell others what exactly happened.

I’ve sketched a single graph that describe my curve for 2008. Interpret it as you wish (;.

My performance and emotions curve in 2008

My performance and emotions curve in 2008

How about you, my friends?

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