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Get matric number from NUSNET ID

Nov 27 2008 Published by under Life

This is the little script I wrote to let you get a matric number from its NUSNET ID. It basically find the character that associates with the number. Example: U0707360 –> U077360R.

I wrote this long ago, thanks to some guy that shows me how NUS hash their Matric No

Click here to access to the tool.

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Nov 27 2008 Published by under Life

Yay SS paper done, suddenly feel full of passion, happiness and motivation. Still in search for a method to keep these spirits last long.

Gonna spend time on next paper: Database System CS2102S. Gosh I haven’t even started yet, and it’s the next next day….

Quote of the day: When you lose, don’t lose the lessons – Dalai Lama

Though I don’t think I lose anything today…

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November 24, 1 paper finished

Nov 24 2008 Published by under Life

Just finished 1 paper, in overall just so so, hope can get an A- :-(

Recently I found my interest in Geo Challenge, an Facebook game developed by Play Fish. This is the most exciting educational game I’ve found so far (though I don’t play games often, the very few games last time I played were Warcraft, GunBound, Starcraft, Empire). Play Fish games, as I observed, trains your right hemisphere brain (where all the imaginations, creativity, geometric visualisation come about), hence increase your social knowledge, creativity and imagination. PlayFish games that I play: Geo Challenge, Who has the Biggest Brain, Word Challenge.

Well seems my December break has been randomly planned:

  • Think most of my time will be spent on doing research assistant, really dun want to disaapoint my prof.
  • Work on my 2306S project next semester
  • Work on UROP project
  • Helping 3 bunches of friends coming over to Singapore. Especially, my chubby Uyen :x will be here for 2 weeks with me and we’ll go back Vietnam together for Lunar New Year.
  • Build IHG website.
  • Run NVTNET community
  • Meanwhile train mindmap thingies skills, communication skills, self-motivation!!!
  • Erm learning statistics?

I dun think I can do these all in December break.

Dear Huy, you better come up with something achievable soon, make it after exams, dude.

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bombom – my first javascript game

Nov 14 2008 Published by under Life

So I was bored… not exactly bored but I felt like there are so many small things that I thought I could have done, but in the end, they were never got done. Why? Because everything I started working on that, either I gave up, or either I felt I spent too much time (more than expected) on that.

So there it goes, the simple game BomBom is born in 3 hours.

After playing a game which I can’t remember the name on Mo Hao’s iPhone, I was really addicted to it. I thought I could have done something similar. Now I did. The game is about stopping a sequence of boms to be exploded by touching it one by one.

I, however, did not manage to find a nice pair of normal bomb / exploding-bomb image. So I just took 2 tick and cross image to replace. I felt it’s not that fun compared to MoHao’s game in term of graphics and time deplay. But since his iphone is on vacation (read: maintenance), I would wait for it to come back and play the actual game again.

OK here is my game: BomBom

The rule is simple: you have to press the correct sequence of the bombs appearing (the bottom left is number 1, bottom center is 2, etc.. — its exactly the numpad on ur PC keyboard)

If you’re using PC (or a PC keyboard), use ‘123456789’ key on the right numpad. If you are using laptop, check the “Laptop mode” and your keys are: ‘zxcasdqwe’

I intended to make it on java with swing at first, but thinking about the javaswing with netbeans scared me a lot. I decided to choose web platform with jquery. And that was really easy. most of the 3 hours counted is dedicated to searching for the correct jquery and javascript command and syntax to use T_T

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hoang mang – yêu đời

Nov 07 2008 Published by under Life

Bắt đầu cảm thấy yêu đời trở lại, và quan trọng hơn là tìm thấy ý nghĩa và động lực trong cuộc sống.

Kì này mình học khá tệ, điểm nào điểm nấy toàn xấp xỉ trung bình, còn mấy cái prj thì cái nào cũng ương ương dở dỡ nữa chứ. Đôi lúc cảm thấy rất stress, nhưng cuối cùng thì cũng ổn thôi, có lẽ chưa wen với việc nhận điểm dưới trung bình haha.

Cảm ơn prof Ben, What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger!

Mình cảm thấy mìng càng nói nhiều thì càng làm ít, càng nói nhiều càng ko tập trung, càng nói nhiều càng làm ngu. Giống như khi mình nói thì não mình ko thể tập trung suy nghĩ sâu và cặn kẽ dc. Quyết định nói ít lại, hahaha that is so not me…

Vậy là mình đã chọn cho mình 1 người. Để rồi xem đây có fải là 1 lựa chọn tốt hay ko.

Just had a short talk to bro D about life. It’s getting more and more exciting!

Be a man ;)

This is my life

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Did I lose my track?

Nov 02 2008 Published by under Life

I sort of lose my track

Lose my motivation

Lose my target

in life.

Is my capability too low?

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