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Why are we happy?

Oct 31 2008 Published by under Life

I happened to watch this interesting psychology TED talk of Dan Gilbert about synthetic happiness and found it somewhat new . It’s only 20 minutes but I spend around 1 hour to digest, that proves how bad my memory is…

Anyway, though it’s already been 3 years, the talk is really interesting to me. He introduced the concept of synthetic (artificial, human made) happiness, the kind of happiness that human made themselves when they didn’t get what they want.

I like his experiments, very logical. The results are surprising, also funny.

Nevertheless, I agree with one of the comments made by the viewer. He’s not exactly talking about happiness per se. He’s talking about happiness in one particular situation: when you didn’t achieve what you COULD HAVE got.

Anyway, I just jot down what I derive from the show:

  • What you get seems to be better than u thought about it.
  • When you had a chance to choose your path, you seems to regret about your decision (compared to NO CHANCE AT ALL)
  • And when you encountered something terrible, most of them time it turns out not as bad as it seems to be (you’ll feel relieve in a very short time later)
Oh in case you wonder why I’m writing this, I’m trying to improve my critial thinking and analysis.
Nice day people ;-)

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google devfest and my old dear friend

Oct 30 2008 Published by under Life

The day before yesterday I went to the Google DevFest in SMU. It turned out not as good as I could have imagined. But the good news is I meet friend there, Vincent Woon, the one I haven’t seen again since I came back to Singapore.

We left the thing halfway, went out and talk. Man they got beers for free! Carlsberg! Whoohoho how cool that was. It’s indeed been a long time since I drank.

Anyway, he and I talked about lots of things that we could have imagined that had happened to both of us in the past few months: life, work, relationship, future, past, present. We also discussed about philosophy (omg taoism), economics,

We talked about each other’s life in the past few months. It’s really good to hear that he started to love his company IBM, and all the elements going behind his dream – running his own company – has almost been fulfilled. Everything goes on pretty well with him.

We also talked about miscellaneous stuffs ranging from girlfriend (lol) to philosophy, politics, economics. It’s a 5-hour talk man.

Thanks Vincent, you gave me good pieces of advice that helps me better evaluate my current situation, this talk is more than what I expected to see you again!

*sigh I started writing this entry yesterday but only finish it by today*

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Yet another blog again

Oct 27 2008 Published by under Life

I decided to start a new blog at last. Shamely I can’t remember how many blogs I have been using before this, but neither of them I wrote much often.

I don’t exactly know what would be the main reason that I start blogging again. Is it because

Seeing a lot of people noting their feelings down as a public diary?

Wanting to have real experience with wordpress, which I probably have to spend quite some time soon due to CCA.

Trying to improve writing?

Advertise myself? (I hope not)

A place to see how far I have gone?

Or because I managed to register for a domain at 2USD / year hahaha ?

Opening a blog at this time looks like a bad idea, so many stuffs I have to handle, project deadlines, research projects, CCA, and friends; and most of them due on the same day also. But who cares, I put my faith in you, dear new BLOG.

p/s: Just think of another reason. I hope it is a funny one since I’m not a good joke teller: I blog because I feel rockzzzzzzzzz~

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