Observe What People Say

Feb 05 2013

Observe what people say.  You’ll be amazed by what they really meant by their tone, their emotion, their body. And what they meant often are completely different from what their actually words convey.

Funny thing is, in most cases people do this with complete unawareness.

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  1. What you are saying is only true with inconsistent people, i.e. they don’t really mean what they say. An equally important skill is to learn how to read between the lines. Basically, while you are reading something, you should be trying to form a mental model of the person writing it. Question: “what sort of a person would write like that? Why?”

  2. Right Ben, what I meant is when people trying to say something politely, we’ll have to really observe their tone, emotion and body to decide if they really mean it.

    Example would be you coming over someone’s house for a short visit and tell them to leave. Most cases I see people will ask you to stay longer for lunch/dinner. Sometimes they really mean it, sometimes it’s just a courtesy.

  3. The example you mentioned is what usually happens in Asia. It would be much easier if people are honest and straight-forward about what they want.

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