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Feb 01 2009

Spent my LNY (Lunar New Year, and God, it’s Lunar, not Ch*******) in Vietnam for 9 days, staying at home, visiting friends, visiting teacher, going pagoda. I had a shift in mind from the point I just came back home, till the time I leave for Singapore.

uyen-blog-entry-about-meMy beloved friend Fat (well I don’t know how to translate `Mập` to English in a nice way, so `Fat` there it goes) wrote me an entry in her blog, and frankly I never knows I was that great. Thought those were what I normally do to people who visit me.

Just settled with the new room, D103. In overall it’s good, just 1 annoying thing is that I haven’t get used to sleeping, I slept at 3:30 last night ): Nevertheless, the new room created a good working environment as I always wanted.

Talking about people, I have been a bit annoyed with some people who always count (Vietnamese: tính toán) for their actions. Those people sometime make me feel I don’t believe in every move of theirs. I don’t really know whether they do that for me because they meant to, or they just want to get my good thoughts for that.

Finished submitting application for NOC. There is definitely hard time ahead, the time for interview. I remember how desperate  I was when I failed for the last attempt.

I feel for you. You’re more important to me than I thought (or convinced?) myself.

Hmm, time for supper.

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  1. có nhắc đến Mập là vui rùi? mày ở phòng mới, phong cách mới, cố gắng lên nha? Bài này văn phong hơi khó dịch hơn bữa trước nên gây khó khăn cho FAT? Hehehehe? Thời gian khó khăn rất cần sức khỏe đấy nha? Mày cố lên, cố lên nha? Hehehehe?

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