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Oct 20 2010 Published by under Life

Just a quick note without proper articulation.

Today, I overheard somebody said “Most jobs in the world are not fulfilling”. This hit me really hard. We the idealists (or naive?) somewhat being confident in a certain level of academic/extra-activity achievement in school usually look forward to a future where we land on the job we want, the job we enjoy doing (here comes the “Do the thing you love and you’ll never work a single day in your life” quote).

We tend to forget that sometimes we’ll have to do a job we don’t enjoy doing (“un-fulfilling”, like how the person put it). We tried to do them without knowing what we’d learn from them.


Work hard, my friends, pursue what you love. But to what you don’t, and it’s a must, remember resilience.

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Oct 04 2010 Published by under Life

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